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Taking our Environmental
Responsibilities Seriously.

Enfield Tubes recognise that protection of the environment should form an integral and fundamental part of the business. We aim to reduce the impact our operations have on the environment while increasing the positive influence our company can have on our people, partners and products.

To this aim, the company has undertaken to implement, manage and maintain an environmental management system compliant to BS ISO14001:2015. As part of that standard, our practises and procedures include but are not limited to:

  • Legislative, regulatory and code of practice compliance.
  • Conducting regular and detailed assessments of our environmental aspects and impacts.
  • The continued reduction in use of all forms of natural resources wherever possible.
  • The continued reduction in emissions and all forms of pollution.
  • Environmentally responsible materials purchasing and sourcing policies.
  • Waste minimisation through efficient production processes and stock control.
  • Active recycling strategies for both metal and packaging materials.
  • Promotion of our materials as a sustainable, competitive solution by virtue of their functionality, recyclability and lightweighting potential in vehicle applications, as well as their natural abundance in mineral form.

  • Establishing targets to measure the continuous improvement in our environmental performance.
  • Training, education and communication of policy, procedures and objectives with all of our team on a regular basis.

We believe that business is at an inflection point where a commitment to sustainability is more than simply compliance with regulation but is about driving real change.

We will reduce our carbon footprint because we take our own environmental responsibilities seriously. The team at Enfield Tubes are committed to continually improving our performance in the transition to net zero and for us, everything follows from our policy.